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Bitel Group

We are fiber optic manufacturers, we are also collaborators of the main network operators in Europe
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Its range of products has been developed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Its activity is focused on the production of fiber optic cables, equipment, components, cabinets and electronic products of the highest quality.

Bitel Group – Fiber Optic Manufacturers
It was created in 2007 with a very clear focus, activity of designing more advanced control equipment and realization of solutions for the infrastructures that the new telecommunications networks and technologies demanded:

  • Engineering, development, and implementation of telecommunications projects.
  • Sale of components for voice and data, advice on deployment and installation of telecommunication networks.

These services range from the analysis of needs and proposal of solutions (engineering) to the certification of the installed networks (audit), through the execution of projects (installation) and the integration of all products.

The company has a Certificate from the Ministry of Telecommunications.

Bitel Group, offers its clients a complete service in fiber optics and voice and data products, achieving collaboration agreements with the most prestigious companies in the market to incorporate into their portfolio a wide range of products, equipment, instrumentation and accessories, which at in turn integrates in global projects.

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More than 13 years innovating and designing telecommunications technology solutions according to the needs of our clients around the world.
We have certifications that guarantee the quality of our products.


We are collaborators of the main network operators in Europe. We manufacture singlemode, multimode, specialty fiber optic cables, equipment, components, cabinets and electronics of the highest quality.
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We have a planned logistics in order to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients. National and international shipments and also collection at our establishment.


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